SJ Biz Buzz Marketing Seminar at Pine Hill

Posted on 29. Mar, 2009 by in Events, Social Media, Virtual Tours

Thumbnail image to experience 360° interactive panorama of marketing discussion panel.

Click image to experience the 360° interactive panorama of the marketing discussion panel.

On March 27th South Jersey Biz Buzz and its marketing committee held the “New Rules of Marketing, PR and Advertising” event at Pine Hill Golf Club. The discussion panel addressed the audience with methods and ideas regarding employing conventional and unconventional means to better market themselves and their businesses. Adam Sokoloff chairman of the SJ Biz Buzz Marketing Committee was moderator of the event and led the panel in discussion about using print, PR, video, the internet, and social media for marketing and advertising.

Thumbnail image to view the 360° interactive panorama of the panel.

Click image to view the 360° interactive panorama of the panel.

Panelists’ areas of expertise and knowledge of marketing, PR and advertising today was varied. The views shared from the panel ranged from “print is not dying only evolving” to “pray for PR” to “there are lots of free or inexpensive ways to market yourself on the internet.” Simple and practical tips were shared during the discussion and question and answer times. Some practical tips included the importance of registering your own domain name and having a website, using professional printing services instead of do it yourself solutions, and signing up for social media tools such as Twitter or Facebook.

One of my favorite suggestions from the panel came from Susan of  Suasion Communications Group who says business people should meet with editors to tell instead of to sell. Susan encouraged the audience to meet with editors to establish relationships. She shared how she had used this technique in the past and found that often when editors where searching for stories that related to her business she would be called upon for the story. Susan’s suggestion reminded me of the importance of building a network before you need it.

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