Panda Balloon at Adirondack Balloon Festival

Posted on 28. Sep, 2011 by in Events, Virtual Tours

Panda balloon at ADK Balloon Festival

Click the image to experience the 360 virtual tour of the Panda balloon at the ADK Balloon Festival.

We were happy to see Pandy the hot air balloon this year. Or maybe we should call it Persistent Pandy. This hot air balloon was the cutest of all the balloons at the 2011 Adirondack Balloon Festival. Unfortunately, on the day we were there, this hot air balloon never got more than just a few feet off the ground. It struggled, at first, between other inflating balloons and then against the winds.  Just before the sun set, and after what must of been over an hour of attempting to get Pandy fully inflated and into the air, the crew of this wonderfully shaped balloon decided to hold off and wait to try to fly again another day.

Just before the crew called it a day we were able to capture this 360° image of Pandy and onlookers at golden hour. Click on the image above to experience the Pandy hot air balloon interactive panorama. And, to see more from the 2011 Adirondack Balloon Festival visit our posts on Flecks Folly IV and 80+ Balloons at the Adirondack Balloon Festival.

The 2012 Adirondack Balloon Festival is scheduled for September 20-23 and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. For more information on the festival visit the official Adirondack Balloon Festival website at:

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