Grand Master Band Organ at Jim Thrope, PA

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Grand Master Concert Organ

Click the image to experience the 360 virtual tour of the Grand Master Concert Organ.

Just outside the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway in Jim Thorpe, PA music, mechanics and whimsy all played in harmony during a recent visit from the Grand Master Concert Band Organ. This 8000lb automatic musical instrument is capable of over 3000 tunes. It was built over 5 years by American and European craftsmen and is made up of 500+ pipes, 9 moving figures (including a tuxedo clad conductor) and 2 five voice Italian accordions.

One can’t help but stop to look and listen when near this 20 foot long concert on wheels. Bright colors, moving figures and full sounds draw you in and make you feel like a kid in front of a magical Macy’s window display at Christmas.

If you’ve never had the chance to see it in person, or you’d like to experience it again, we invite you to click on the in image above to see a 360 virtual tour with music from the Grand Master Band Organ.

Have you seen the Grand Master Band Organ in person? Did it make you smile like it did us?

Interested in learning more about or renting “the worlds largest concert band organ traveling the US today? Check Dennis Robinson’s website:

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