Garret McFann: Four Amigos in Hamilton, NJ

Posted on 10. Sep, 2010 by in Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of Four Amigos Hamilton New Jersey

Click on the image to experience the 360 virtual tour of Four Amigos.

On a recent trip through Hamilton, New Jersey to photograph a local restaurant for a virtual tour we couldn’t resist taking advantage of the beautiful weather to capture some 360° panoramic images of the amazing sculptures displayed alongside Kluckner Road.

Four Amigos is a 14’x25’x3′ painted aluminum contemporary sculpture by Garret McFann. Learn more about this and other publicly displayed sculptures and artworks on the  The Sculpture Foundation website.

To experience the 360° image taken in front of the Four Amigos sculpture click the image above or the following link: Four Amigos by Garret McFann.

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