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360 degree view of the Business Pro$ event with Linda Lane.

Click image to see the 360 degree view of the Business Pro$ event with Linda Lane.

On June 17, 2009 Samurai Virtual Tours attended the Business Pro$ event held at Beowulf in Cherry Hill, NJ.  The presenter for the event was Linda Lane, Financial Planner with First Financial Group/Mass Mutual.  Linda engaged with the audience to share about her experiences in networking.  She shared many do’s and don’ts for networking along with her own personal stories and experiences.

She gave useful tips that  included: bending the corner of a business card to remind you of a person you want to follow up with, dressing appropriately (men: polish your shoes, women: keep your shoes on & undergarments “under”) and call or email at least two people within a day or two to have a one-on-one meeting with them.  She reminded us all that there is no magic to networking; it’s simply a matter of building trust, following up with people and staying in touch.

Linda also suggested public speaking as a means to expand your network.  If you are an expert in a field, let others know by speaking for events and providing useful information.  You never know who is listening and when you may hear from them again as a prospective client or referral base.

One of Linda’s most important tips was to be yourself.  In the networking tips flyer she passed out she wrote, “Be yourself.  That is the most important rule.  Smart people will know the difference, and you can only sustain a facade for so long.  Most people like doing business and networking with people they like and trust.”

Thanks Linda for the advice and enjoyable evening.  Thanks The Business Pro$ for arranging the event and inviting us.

To see other still images of this event visit Samurai Virtual Tours’ photos on flickr.

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